Chameleon Associates

Demystifying Terrorism Awareness Course

Chameleon Associates offers this unique CD-ROM course to organizations and individuals who want to equip themselves with simple and effective methods of terrorist threat mitigation. This is the only course of its kind offered today!

Demystifying Terrorism

  • Increase your awareness of terrorist methods of operations.
  • Learn how to proactively mitigate the threat of terrorism
  • Enhance your security and deterrence capabilities
  • Train your employees to detect and respond to suspicious activities


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US and Canada: $5.95 |
International: $8.95

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  • PC Version
  • Window XP – 2000
  • Audio/Speaker


  • 30 minute Flash presentation cdrom course.
  • Overview of contemporary terrorism and a basic understanding of how terrorists choose their targets.
  • How terrorists plan and execute a terrorist attack.
  • Patterns and trends of terrorism, including methods, modes of attack, tactics and strategies.
  • Knowledge and tools to detect and respond to suspicious behavior.
  • Multiple choice test is given at the end of the course to reinforce newly gained knowledge.

Responding to the public desire to be more knowledgeable about terrorism and assist their communities in the awareness of terrorism and threats.   Through the Urban Area Security Initiative of the Department of Homeland Security, which aims to provide additional assistance to cities and counties, the City of Anaheim and many other cities and state departments have purchased thousands of copies of Demystifying Terrorism.

This anti-terrorism awareness course is a critical information gap as to how regular citizens, security personnel and law enforcement can be proactively vigilant against violence and terrorist threat.