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hiring the right personHiring the right person for the job makes all the difference in the world. It affects project performance, client satisfaction and the financial bottom line. While this sounds pretty obvious and is true for many sectors, it is particularly relevant in security. Private security companies need to fill many slots on their contracts and for some companies, work force turnover is high. Too often, the cycle looks something like the image on the left(click on the image to in large).


Everyone in the company hierarchy has a role to fulfill. Top executives are tasked with maintaining good client relations and ensuring customer satisfaction. The executive level needs to make sure that middle managers are controlling the officers and supervisors – in the field. Otherwise, problems from the field will percolate up in a way that is disruptive to the account and to the ability of upper management to perform their actual functions.


The solution does not lie in adding personnel. The key is adding the right people. Qualified people. One argument is that qualified personnel are expensive. That is not necessarily the case. What is critical to finding good people is the hiring process itself. The job requisition should set the highest possible standards and criteria. A well designed and creative application goes a long way in weeding out non contenders. The interview should last as long as it takes to ascertain that the applicant has the right attitude, skill sets, physical ability and basic mental aptitude for the task. A warm body just won’t do.


It is not easy but once the right people are in place … the decrease in problems and complaints, the increased positive perception of the officers, the efficiency that supports a smoother running system , and the improved (financial) bottom line that results from less attrition, makes the effort well worth it.