Chameleon Associates

Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment


Our approach to Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessments (TVRA) is to study both the adversary’s capabilities and the client’s needs and to then offer sensible and do-able security solutions that mesh well with the client’s organizational culture and practical constraints. Chameleon has been providing TVR Assessments to government, corporate, and non profit clients, all over the world….

Security Management


Chameleon provides organizations with full-time Security Managers (consultants) who, in addition to carrying out their normal in-house functions, are able to draw on Chameleon’s existing range of security and training services at no additional cost to the client, thereby augmenting the overall security requirements….

School Security Consulting


Over the past few years, Chameleon has been assisting many schools and educational institutions to effectively counter violent threats. We teach school faculty and staff on threat identification and assessment and on how to develop and practice effective emergency response procedures. We offer schools cost effective solutions for best use of both manpower and technology….

Executive Protection


Chameleon provides top tier security services for high-net-worth individuals, VIPs and dignitaries. At Chameleon we believe in providing intelligent security services based on common sense. Both government and corporate clients require polite, professional and empowered agents who make sound judgment calls at the right time….

Secure International Travel


Chameleon provides country/location threat assessments, real time intelligence analysis, response and secure transportation support to executives and individuals on the go. Our international network reaches across the globe. Our vetted agents provide our clients with protection, logistical support and emergency response in many of the world’s most high risk environments….

Corporate Investigations


Chameleon specializes in corporate investigations, fraud identification through undercover operations, international due diligence of corporations and individuals, as well as asset searches. We have decades of experience in managing investigations in support of litigation, insurance fraud claims, corporate intelligence and more….

Corporate Security Training


Chameleon trainers design, develop, customize and deliver training programs on a wide range of security topics. We teach security personnel as well as general staff members about personal safety, emergency response, proactive security and general threat awareness. From academic faculty lounges to manufacturing production floors, from corporate board rooms to airport hangars — our training has been…

Public Speaking


Chameleon makes dozens of public speaking engagements every year at government conferences, industry events and in smaller corporate venues. Our subject matter experts deliver engaging and thought provoking presentations on security topics such as national security policy, counter intelligence strategy and trends in terrorist threat….

Security Engineering


Chameleon security engineers deliver full integration solutions for technologies, people and procedures. We design and upgrade security systems to cost effectively mitigate threats to the protected environment. Our unique expertise is in introducing human factors (decision matrices, procedures and skills) to technology based security systems….

Research and Development


Chameleon consultants and experts participate in research and development projects for corporate and government organization. We helped design large scale intelligence and risk analysis software used by the US government. And we participated in the development and field adaptation of military programs such as “Combat Hunter”….